So far….

So far today has been a good day. It’s beautiful out and the sun feels amazing. I’m having mixed emotions. I was doing really really well before my recent ex reached out again and wrote me a letter. I wanted to be in solitude today, because it’s resulting in a domino effect, I do not […]

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Today I am unsure Unsure of why I feel unsure… I am proud of myself, as a person I’ve grown so much. Physically I’ve gotten closer to my ”ideal image”. Strangely my mental hasn’t caught up to how I appear on the outside. I still see myself as the overweight girl. It gives me anxiety […]

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Crazy weekend/Epiphany

Good evening y’all! Hopefully you all have been well, it’s felt like SUCH A ROLLER COASTER for me as of lately. Just to briefly recap, today is a good friend of mine’s birthday (shout out to you Moh!) and this past weekend, we celebrated quite a bit to say the least… šŸ™‚ I hadn’t been […]

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I write how I feel because I know these words will never make it to your face. You are a liar in every essence of the word. To make me feel like I’m the crazy one meanwhile I scrolled through months of phone and message records to see that YOU were the liar in this […]

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Dear Dad,

Tonight really pushed me over the edge. I had a wonderful day and was so excited about changing my hair color and trying something new. You came home from the casino 2 hours ago and I was excited to see you, I got out of bed and greeted you at the door. Only to see […]

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Nothing compares to

Having someone in your corner who accepts you wholeheartedly. Having someone who helps you carry your baggage, so you can feel lighter. A person telling you how beautiful and special you are, when you don’t see it yourself. Falling asleep in the arms of someone who cares about you. Spending time with people who understand […]

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Out of the mind

And into theĀ heart space. On the way home tonight, I began to think about why so much of the world is at odds. Aside from polarity and spectrum’s, as people we tend to live in our minds. I ran into an old high school classmate of mine and I was surprised. He was with his […]

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The Power of Syncronicity

Good afternoon guys! I felt very compelled to write a post about syncronicity and how it just showed up for me. So what is syncronicity? Khronos, steming from Greek origin meaning time and Syn also of Greek origin meaningĀ together.Ā In essence it translates to together in time or more modernly,Ā at the same time. So! I got […]

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Deeeep Diving

Hello hello, It’s been a while I know and many great things have been happening in my brief absence. Last day of classes was today (whew) and now off to finals week this coming week! So, now for the juicy part, I’ve decided to embark on a journey of enlightenment. Recently I’ve been diving deep […]

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Sometimes I wonder who I would be had I not been born as I am. How different would my life be? Truth is I wouldn’t have my life any other way. I’m grateful for all the experiences, ”good” and ”bad”. But, there is nothing neither good or bad, thinking makes it so, as Shakespeare said. […]

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Family is everything

Good evening everyone! With my parents away on vacation for 2 weeks and practically left to my own devices with my brother and sister, I’m utilizing this time to connect with them. I realize that you can have all the friends in the world but nothing sticks like family does. I may not always get […]

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What IS a friend?

Good afternoon! I’m back with a question that has been weighing heavily on my mind for some time. What is a friend? We all desire to have them in one way, shape or form but do we really know what they are? The official definition for a friend is : ”a person whom one knows […]

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Learn to Discern

Good afternoon guys! Hopefully your Thursday has been smooth, welcome back! Today’s topic of discussion is Learning to discern. By official definition, to discern means to perceive or recognize. For the sake of this post, we’re going to stick with the latter side of the definition and focus on recognizing. So, let’s jump right into […]

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Piece of shit

A piece of shit is what you truly are. An unfaithful, lying, wolf in sheeps clothing monster. You wanted to sit there and act like you gave such a fuck. Meanwhile the only thing you gave a fuck about was your dick. You couldn’t keep it in your pants and constantly had to keep taking […]

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How do you break up with someone and then 3 weeks later, come and try to be friends with them? Do you honestly think I want to be friends with you? I don’t even keep friends on the regular so why would you be any different? You can’t be friends with someone you have feelings […]

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Words mean nothing

This was a letter I received from my ex who was my boyfriend at the time. I want to share with you all a prime example of how words hold no meaning. You see… he still watches what I post and what I’m doing but went to great lengths to ensure that I have zero […]

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You were born rotten Spoiled and unfit Plunge into the depths of hell And go up in flames With your father You’re two of a kind

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